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Trendboard 2016- Soft

Today’s Trendboard is the final in the collection throughout this month. This Trendboard focuses on Soft Fabric collections and patterns from BCFA members.   THE ISLE MILL The Rosslyn Park collection is the latest stock held collection from The Isle Mill. It is a selection of wool jacquards, plaids, piece dyed dobby weaves and slub… Read More >

25 February 2016

Trendboard 2016- Repetition II

Today’s Trendboard is our second addition for our ‘Repeating Patterns’ featuring collections from BCFA members… THE ISLE MILL This fabric is woven using a colour and weave effect which gives an interesting placement of colour and texture, as well as depth to the design. The fabric is 100% lambswool in a heavy count of yarn… Read More >

24 February 2016

Trendboard 2016- Repetition I

Today’s trendboard features repeating patterned themed collections and prints from BCFA members…. LOOMAH Kielder  Loomah’s VISTA COLLECTION is influenced by urban and rural landscapes with inspiration taken from the colours and patterns created by our surroundings.  KIELDER takes its inspiration from the shapes created by the sunlight reflecting off the windows of a skyscraper resulting… Read More >

19 February 2016

Product Watch: Animal Skin Effect Wallcoverings by Muraspec

Muraspec are the leading British designer, manufacturer and distributor of commercial decorative solutions for the global interiors industry. With over 135 years of British Heritage, the company name is synonymous with inspiring design, high quality and excellent service. The products are on display in the finest hotels, offices, cruise ships, retailers and residences around the… Read More >

16 February 2016

Trendboard 2016- Metallic I

Today’s Trendboard contains collections from BCFA members which are inspired around a Metallic theme. ANTHOLOGY The Anthology studio has produced 04, a collection of wallcoverings inspired by the concept of construction and deconstruction of woven fabrics. According to designer Louise Draper: “Anthology 04 examines in microscopic detail elements of paper, threads and pleats, producing a cohesive… Read More >

15 February 2016

Trendboard 2016- Geometric

Todays Trendboard focuses on Geometric patterns and textures from collections from BCFA members. TREVIRA  Pixelé / Smoke Blanc– This pattern was inspired by a design sample from the Rubelli archive of the 18th century. Using “pixel art“, this was enlarged many times and rastered. The material looks like it is handwoven, yet the pattern has been alienated… Read More >

12 February 2016

Trendboard 2016- Abstract II Focus

We continue to the theme of ‘Abstract’ textures and patterns, with a range of materials from BCFA members featuring some of the most innovative prints. WILTON CARPETS Distressed, peeling paint and textured abstract painterly effects, often inspired by nature, are creating beautiful backdrops. There are still lots of greys, livers, minks and warm greys – and… Read More >

5 February 2016

Trendboard 2016- Abstract Focus

Throughout this month Design Insider will be featuring a variety of ‘Patterns and Textures’ trendboards focusing around 5 different themes; Abstract, Geometric, Repeating, Soft and Metallic. The images featured in the trendboards are from collections and custom designs from BCFA members. This week, we start off with the theme ‘Abstract’, featuring some distinctive and creative collections… KAI This… Read More >

3 February 2016

HARLEQUIN Announce New Showroom

INSPIRING NEW SHOWROOM Harlequin Group this week have announced the opening of their new showroom in London’s design focused area of Chelsea Harbour, the opening of the showroom was precipitated by the recent expansion of the Harlequin Group which comprises of four brands: Harlequin, Scion, Harlequin Contract and Anthology. The New showroom now spans over… Read More >

14 February 2014