Trendboard 2016- Geometric

Todays Trendboard focuses on Geometric patterns and textures from collections from BCFA members.




Pixelé / Smoke Blanc– This pattern was inspired by a design sample from the Rubelli archive of the 18th century. Using “pixel art“, this was enlarged many times and rastered. The material looks like it is handwoven, yet the pattern has been alienated by modern computer techniques, producing a totally new and modern design.

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Foss truly reflects city meets nature as the collection is produced from ECONYL® yarn regenerated from used fishing nets that are reborn as a strong and hardwearing textile flooring.

The collection comes in 20 beautiful colours to match the modern interior design. Besides from the classical Scandinavian look and feel Foss offers a high acoustic performance that makes the collection perfectly suitable for any home, office, hotel or institution.

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Wilton 2Distressed and abstract digital trompe l’oeil effects, crackles and peeling paint along with structured textured weaves along with the textured abstract painterly effects.

Lace details traditional and geometric laser cut
Natural marble effects
Tropical foliage, large painterly florals

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Johnson Tiles has launched an exciting new tile range that perfectly replicates the look of exposed bricks using expert design and the most advanced tile manufacturing technology.

Available in six colours from sandy tones of beige, to slate grey and iconic red, Brics is designed to mimic the variety of clays used to create different colours of bricks.  As the exposed bricks trend continues to grow in popularity, Brics brings to life this stylish urban look.

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