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Talk: Furniture & the Road to Net Zero with Modus & Dodds + Shute

Enjoy this transcript of a recent presentation and discussion on ‘Furniture and Our Journey to Net Zero’ with Lucy Arndt, Head of Sustainability at Dodds & Shute and Lucy Crane, Sustainability Manager at Modus, introduced by Alys Bryan, Editor at Design Insider, which was part of Clerkenwell OPEN. Alys Bryan: I’m absolutely thrilled today to… Read More >

18 October 2022

Sustainable Luxury: Enhancing Customer Experience with Eco-Conscious Bathrooms

For hoteliers and commercial building developers, being able to take the concept of sustainability and position it as luxurious, as well as aspirational, could be the key to unlocking new customer experiences. In addition, a truly sustainable space which is also comfortable and inviting can help you to stand out in an increasingly saturated market…. Read More >

11 October 2022

The Journey to Net Zero

It’s virtually impossible not to read or hear about climate change and the ‘call to action’ to decarbonise. Best intentions to implement change can, however, be stifled by confusion and a myriad of jargon. A person, product, company or country is carbon neutral if they balance the carbon dioxide they release into the atmosphere with… Read More >

15 February 2022