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Producing quality furniture starts with quality materials. For Burgess Furniture, specialist in metal function chairs, it begins with the perfect blend of aluminium!

By sourcing the right raw materials, the British manufacturer produces some of the most robust hospitality furniture available, furniture which has lasted for over 40 years for some of its customers.

The company has been perfecting the use of square section, lightweight aluminium tube in the manufacture of function chairs since it started its operations over 60 years ago, with gradual product evolvement and improvement through research into the art of bending and welding aluminium.


The Burgess Furniture production process begins with a carefully selected, unique blend of alloys and precise heat treatment. All products are designed with maximum strength in mind, with finished furniture tested by Burgess and independently to ensure each piece can withstand the demands of even the busiest hospitality environment.

Burgess’ secret to success isn’t only down to its production processes. Design and development have derived from working closely with hotel operational staff, who have to make chairs and tables work with ease, in addition to being visually pleasing. Burgess Furniture pieces are strong and durable, yet also stylish, comfortable, light and easy to store.


Its best-selling Turini function chair was one of the first products to be made. The Turini chair’s classic styling, waterfall seat and flexible frame options have stood the test of time, with customisation ability a key appeal for Burgess’ many clients, which include the most discerning banqueting and events venues around the world.


The Turini chair’s aluminium frame is available in different colours and finishes, with a choice of upholstery and backrest shape for maximum versatility for any occasion.

And now, to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2019, Burgess is paying tribute to its classic Turini chair with the introduction of Adamas, a new design in its honour, launching soon.


None of these achievements in metal chair manufacturing could have been accomplished without many years of detailed work in quality and design improvement, but for Burgess Furniture there is plenty of scope for more innovation. The furniture market is ever-changing, and it remains committed to moving with changing trends, collaborating with its customers whilst maintaining its hard-earned reputation for quality that all starts with the right raw metal materials.


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