Post Covid the workplace will be changing dramatically and the interior design sector is going to have a fantastic opportunity to be part of creating those exciting new office environments in the UK.

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Specifiers are facing the challenge of responding to a very fluid situation, and helping businesses create environments that satisfy the requirements of a workforce that has, in some circumstances, enjoyed the many benefits of working from home, not standing in a train carriage and saving a fortune on transport costs being only two.

When we get the opportunity to present a CPD to M&E Consultants it is important that it is of high quality and that they think the hour of their day was well spent. We want the CPD to instil confidence in the audience and get them to understand that Evinox are the perfect solution for support and advice when they design Heat Networks.Helen Näslund, Evinox, Technical Specification Manager

In many businesses the employee has gained somewhat of an upper hand in that working from home has proved to have been much more successful than anticipated, why should they go back to the office? Employers see pros and cons; possibly reduced property portfolio costs but perhaps losing a little bit of control over their management and staff.

Specifiers and designers will be tasked with creating these dynamic and innovative environments and need to have the information to be in the forefront of that decision making process.

Specifiers have also been working from home for the last 18 months and very few of them seem to have an appetite for going back into the office full-time. We all know specifiers can be difficult to get to as they are busy people dealing with the huge range of products and services involved in any project. The fact that they too are now only contactable via an online platform of some sort means that they are possibly even more difficult to engage with.  One simple effective and proven way of building that relationship with a specifier is to start with an online CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

The struggle to get your products in front of the right person at the right time is going to be intensified as the market hots up and building better relationships with specifiers is without doubt one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Arturo floors have embraced the use of CPDs as an effective method to communicate with architects and specifiers. A well designed and structured CPD is key to successfully ensuring interest and providing insightful information. If a CPD contains useful or exciting content and is well presented they provide engagement, interaction and leads – Daniel Leeson, Marketing Manager, Uzin Utz UK Ltd

If a specifier knows about and is interested in your products and services, you are immediately ahead of the game. Converting that awareness into sales is not a given and takes skill, professionalism and determination. However, if a specifier is not aware of your expertise or the design and specification support you can offer your company is approaching the market with one hand tied behind its’ back.

CPD has been invaluable in helping us to be the go-to ‘expert’ in our field for the Specifiers we present to. Educating on a subject matter and then being able to provide a product that fulfils those needs is pretty much a win win for everyone involved. – Elizabeth Assaf, Design Director, Urban Front

All specifiers need to undertake, in some form, CPD training whether they are an Architect, Interior Architect, Interior Designer, M&E consultant or whatever discipline they are working in.

CPD is not initially a sales forum, it does give your company an opportunity to: –

  • Get in front of specifiers.
  • Show your ability to offer specification support, expertise, and professionalism.
  • Ensure you are the company they call when seeking products and services in your sector.

So now is the time to review your CPD or create one. It’s going to be an exciting but tough market out there and every advantage you can bring to your sales and marketing activities will help you win new business.

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