Transition to a new Era with Camira’s extended colour palette

BCFA member Camira has invited you to transition to a new “Era” with their extended colour palettes. Colour is at the heart of Camira’s fabrics, and the global textile manufacturer continues to demonstrate this with a new and exciting launch of colour variations to one of their polyester ranges.

Camira Fabrics Ltd has been a longstanding BCFA member, bringing interiors to life and injecting personality through colour, design, pattern and texture. As a global textile innovator, they love designing and manufacturing fabrics for a huge range of commercial interiors: from offices to education and from healthcare to hospitality.


Era is a subtle, two tone fabric with a discreet, baby herringbone weave offering an understated contemporary texture, while its colouring technique provides close up intrigue and detail. The range has 24 new colourways bringing the total colour offering to 44.

Era’s colour palette has been balanced with the addition of ‘in between’ shades, consciously working in pairings to bring fresh combinations to meet the brighter end of the palette, with delicate tones and gentle options as alternatives. The versatile palette highlights different layers and depths of colour, and the detail beneath each individual shade.


The intricate detail of the dobby weave is enhanced through the unique dyeing process. Using two types of dyestuffs – which dye the disperse and cationic parts of the polyester yarn – means the fabric achieves two different hues of the same colour, but in some cases two different colours, allowing greater flexibility with colour matching and selection.

Coinciding this new release is the launch of its panel partner, Era 170, which features 13 harmonious colours in a wider width offering. If you would like to know more, why not contact them?

DesignInsiderCamiraEradesignCamira is forever pushing boundaries of sustainable design, with some fabrics being made from harvested nettles and commercially grown hemp. They have two manufacturing facilities in the UK, and has been recognised for outstanding product innovation and environmental stewardship, gaining Queen’s Awards for Sustainable Development (2015 and 2010) and Enterprise in Innovation (2005).

If you like the look of Camira’s collection, why not look at their site for more of what they offer? Camira has many published articles on the Design Insider, such as how Deutsche Bhan’s “idea train” chose Camira fabrics for multiple features. Why not let us know your favourite article?

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