The Isle Mill is part of the Macnaughton Group, a family company founded in 1783. The Isle Mill is recognised as the foremost weaver and wholesaler of soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics in Scotland.


The Isle Mill’s manufacturing process is based 100% in Scotland, The Isle Mill’s weaving facility is based in Keith in the Highlands of Scotland. Along with retaining many traditional skills, The Isle Mill utilises modern and flexible manufacturing techniques. The Isle Mill is a specialist weaver in full control of its manufacturing process, offering clients the facility of long and short runs, a cut length service from stocked collections and a custom and exclusive design service. The weaving plant has a range of machinery from modern jacquard and high speed Somet weaving machines to specialist Dornier looms. The custom design service, which is becoming increasingly popular, brings to life even the most technical and ornate custom designs using The Isle Mill’s looms. Once warped and woven, all the fabrics are checked and hand mended by the highly skilled mending team. The fabrics are then finished, this is a process that can comprise of scouring/washing, dyeing, raising, cropping/shearing and final pressing.

The Isle Mill’s production director is Struan Paterson. Struan has been with the company since 2013 and has a wealth of knowledge in the manufacturing of fabrics having worked in the textile industry in the weaving and finishing sectors for over thirty years. Struan’s longevity of service and knowledge ensures the efficient running of The Isle Mill’s factory in Keith. He works closely with the factory manager and a team of around 20 skilled technicians, who have various roles throughout the factory and all contribute to the effective production of The Isle Mill’s fabrics.

Supply Chain

The Isle Mill benefits from being in full control of its UK supply chain. Using local finishers and dyers based in Scotland ensures that the products are manufactured 100% in the UK. The Isle Mill utilises a range of reliable suppliers, using a global supply chain to source raw materials which are of the finest quality.


The Isle Mill exports its UK manufactured products globally. The USA is a major market for The Isle Mill. Along with the USA, The Isle Mill also exports to Europe, conducting business with various countries. As a company, Brexit has had a negligible effect and The Isle Mill team look forward to continuing business in Europe, with loyal customers and partners.


The Isle Mill is recognised as the foremost weaver and wholesaler of interior soft furnishing fabrics in Scotland. Having been established for over 230 years, the company has a great wealth of manufacturing experience that has been handed down through generations of many craftsmen and women. To continue to add to The Isle Mill’s rich Scottish heritage, it is vitally important as a brand that The Isle Mill manufactures here, in the UK. All of The Isle Mill’s manufacturing is based in Scotland with their weaving factory in the Highlands, their dyeing and finishing in the Scottish borders and The Isle Mill’s head office located in Perth, the very heart of Scotland. The Isle Mill team pride themselves on their service, and all their ranges are stock supported, from their warehouse and logistics centre in Perth. The Isle Mill is one of the UK’s foremost weavers and wholesalers of furnishing fabrics and have complete control of their manufacturing process, which means consistency and control in maintaining excellence in quality standards, and that The Isle Mill is not reliant on external sources. The Isle Mill’s Scottish manufactured fabrics are available for prompt despatch on a daily basis.


All of The Isle Mill products are designed by their in-house design team at The Isle Mill’s headquarters in Perth, Scotland. The designers select yarns with compositions varying from pure new wool, to more complex structured yarns that might contain blends of linen, silk, mohair and angora. Having an experienced design team, along with advanced computerised design technology, means they provide a custom design service that is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Currently, the design team in Perth consists of Trudie Ainsworth and Siobhan Smith. Trudie is the most experienced designer having been with The Isle Mill for 13 years, along with her experience she also brings extensive knowledge to the role having a degree in woven textiles. Siobhan has been an integral part of the design team since 2015. Before joining as a designer, Siobhan was a weaver at their textile mill in Keith. This provided her with extensive knowledge and experience in weaving which she has carried into her role as a designer.

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