Ulster’s hands-on approach

Ulster Carpets took a hands-on approach to support this year’s Wool Week.

The Campaign for Wool’s annual event aims to champion and educate consumers about the benefits of wool, whilst showcasing innovative and contemporary wool products and raising awareness of wool as a planet-friendly fibre that biodegrades in the land and in the ocean.

“While we have developed and patented our own weaving system to create luxury wool-rich carpets, the basic principles of weaving remain the same, so this was a great opportunity for our staff to gain a better understanding of the process and the importance of using quality wool.” – Tracey Braziel, Marketing Manager, Ulster Carpets.

As well as a range of promotional activities to endorse wool, staff took part in a weaving workshop with talented Irish Fibre Artist Jacqui-May Wylie of The Copper Otter to create hand-woven wall hangings made of wool.

“The inherent benefits of wool are at the heart of every Ulster carpet and we have built our success on selecting the best wool from the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.” – Tracey Braziel, Marketing Manager, Ulster Carpets.

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