Ultrafabrics, the world’s leading animal-free fabric manufacturers, introduces a bold new range of colours in its Volar Bio range. A go-to performance fabric for global brands such as Herman Miller, Jaguar Land Rover, Airstream, Gulfstream and United Airlines , Ultrafabrics continues to show its commitment to building a more sustainable future.

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These six new colors include rich neutrals inspired by the earth’s surface, and complex shades that signify organic dye sources. The new colors are:

Committed to reducing dependency on finite resources, Ultrafabrics has incorporated renewable plant-based materials into the multiple layers of unique product construction. A first of its kind, the collection includes corn by-product and wood pulp materials to create a 29% biobased leather alternative that is suitable for upholstery, vertical surfaces and fashion. The biobased construction is certified by the BioPreferred® program which is managed by the US U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA and is designed to provide useful information to consumers about the bio-based content of a product).

“Volar Bio was introduced in September 2019 as a symbol of Ultrafabrics’ commitment to having an expanded sustainable offering by 2030. Its resounding success with architects, designers and specifiers in all of our markets was so positive we needed to expand the color offering so we now have 15 colors on offer,” says CEO Clay Rosenberg. “Internally, we are deeply committed to making a meaningful move toward sustainability, and we are listening to the consumer, who is asking for these products.”

The natural-feeling surface, crafted in Japan, means it can be used to upholster anything from residential furniture to commercial-bases surfaces in offices, hospitality, retail or healthcare. All Ultrafabrics products can withstand serious, frequent cleaning to C.D.C standards and are sought-after solutions where post-Covid hygiene is a priority. This fabric can also withstand bleach without losing its color or altering its appearance. The fabrics are also suitable for use for vegan interiors.

The six new colours of Volar Bio are: Indigotin, Matcha, Spinach, Porcini, Pitch Black and Café Noir.

“Our brand partners and specifiers come to Ultrafabrics not only for our quality and innovation, but also our vast color selection. The six new tones were added in response to customer feedback,” says Nicole Meier, Director of Branding. “There was a need for neutrals to round out the palette and adding these six new tones brings a full spectrum of fifteen beautiful options. The new hues come from biophilic inspiration – elements from the earth such as soil, sand, dirt – and it completes the colors that are inspired by plant and other organic dye sources. The new range complements the existing palette of mineral-inspired shades.”

Ultrafabrics aims to pioneer innovative materials that conserve resources and protect the wellbeing of people, animals and the planet. Volar Bio marks the beginning of the company’s dedicated journey towards a sustainable future. By 2030, Ultrafabrics goal is for 100% of the portfolio to contain at least 50% rapidly renewable or recycled materials.

The brand is already on the way to achieving this goal through the 2019 introduction of Volar Bio and the inclusion of TENCEL™ Modal fibers in 33% of their offering. The brand is addressing sustainability from all aspects including product quality, material innovation and transparency.

Volar Bio received the Innovation award in the 2020 PETA UK Vegan Homeware awards. PETA’s annual Vegan Homeware Awards recognizes the top designs and innovations for a stylish, cruelty-free home.

“Volar Bio is the first fabric of its kind. And as market leaders, we feel sustainability is a journey and our goal is to contribute to the future of design while maintaining the quality, performance and comfort that has defined Ultrafabrics products for over two decades,” says Toyohiko Nakagawa, Director of Ultrafabrics Holdings and President of Daiichi Kasei Co. Ltd. (DKK), the division responsible for manufacturing and engineering. “We look forward to continuing down the path of responsible innovation.”

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