Vescom launches next level transparent acoustic curtain fabrics

Vescom’s specialist knowledge and innovations in weaving techniques have produced next level transparent acoustic curtain fabrics.

Tay and Tinos are soft, extremely supple fabrics with a high sound absorption level (alphaw 0.6). They show how functionality and aesthetics can go hand in hand. Swan is the new floor-to-ceiling transparent basic. The three new fabrics are of the highest technical and functional quality. We develop and produce them in our own weaving mill.

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Swan, a floor-to-ceiling curtain fabric, is widely applicable in healthcare, office and hospitality environments thanks to its simplicity. This transparent basic has a friendly, soft cotton look. The irregular slub effect gives the fabric a natural look. The colour range consists of many naturals, including creamy white, beige and warm grey.

Tinos has a refined textile feel and a matte look. The vertical crêpe effect gives the fabric a natural look. Tinos is ideal for creating privacy in office environments, for example, because the fabric is semi-transparent. Just like Tay, this fabric has a high sound absorption level (alphaw 0.6), is supple and can be washed at 70°C. The 16 soft colours, including copper, silver, emerald and lilac, can easily be combined with Barkley design wallcovering.

Tay, a floor-to-ceiling curtain fabric, is soft, friendly and has an organic longitudinal stripe. The fabric was inspired by natural shapes in wood, bamboo and water. Tay is an extremely supple floor-to-ceiling curtain with a high sound absorption level (alphaw 0.6). It can be washed up to 70°C and is broadly applicable thanks to its 12 natural colours.

Vescom’s transparent curtain fabric collection contains countless fabrics, ranging from subtle neutrals to unique accents and refined metallics. The fabrics offer a functional solution for every interior. They are fire-resistant, safe, lightfast, colourfast, functional, durable and washable at high temperatures. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified. In addition, there is a broad selection of transparent acoustic curtain fabrics.

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