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Vescom launches next level transparent acoustic curtain fabrics

Vescom’s specialist knowledge and innovations in weaving techniques have produced next level transparent acoustic curtain fabrics. Tay and Tinos are soft, extremely supple fabrics with a high sound absorption level (alphaw 0.6). They show how functionality and aesthetics can go hand in hand. Swan is the new floor-to-ceiling transparent basic. The three new fabrics are… Read More >

24 October 2019

Corsica & Capri by Vescom

Vescom’s ever expanding portfolio has recently seen the addition of two new transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics: Corsica and Capri. Vescom have their own weaving mill and for these collections they’ve decided to use different yarns to add texture, a play between matt and shiny. Both of these new designs are a natural enhancement to the three… Read More >

14 May 2018