Washroom Solutions: Improving Wellbeing Through Hygiene

The last two years of living through a pandemic have brought wellbeing and mental health starkly into definition. One particular aspect of this is the peace and reassurance that hygiene can bring. Providing hygienic, long-lasting and durable washroom solutions in a post-COVID world is a challenge. Clients, designers and architects want visitors to feel as protected and reassured as they do in their own homes, a significant wellbeing boost.

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Working in partnership with product designer Neil Wilson and fabrication partners, CDUK has created the ideal solution for public spaces where additional or pop-up hand wash stations are required. The Primo Specialist Washpod is the latest addition to Primo by CDUK – a design-led range of premium thermoformed vanity basins and wash troughs made from Corian® Solid Surface.

An elegant, freestanding wash station, The Primo Specialist Washpod harnesses the non-porous, easy to clean, and bacteria resistant qualities of Corian® Solid Surface. Designed with hygiene and wellbeing at the forefront, the Washpod can be integrated into public spaces, effortlessly increasing hygiene standards within high-traffic environments where wellbeing is critical, from workplace, to hospitality, healthcare and education environments.

The Primo Specialist Washpod is specially designed to integrate with the advanced technology of the Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry tap, a combination exclusive to CDUK, which dries hands hygienically with HEPA-filtered air, making this solution is ideal for high-traffic washrooms.

The intrinsic properties of Corian® Solid Surface offers designers and architects the opportunity to deliver hygienic solutions without sacrificing on beauty. With this in mind, CDUK added eight new nature-inspired colours to the existing Corian® Solid Surface collection in 2021, significantly increasing the design potential of the material.

CDUK’s new additions to its Corian® Solid Surface portfolio expand the options available to specifiers looking to prioritise hygiene and wellbeing through material choices, making it possible to focus on creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind environments, that truly prioritise users’ sense of wellbeing.

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