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By its very nature, hospitality is centred on the wellbeing of guests and, within these settings, matching colours and patterns plays an essential role in conveying the ambiance of a venue. [Find Ulster Carpets on BCFA Product Finder] From the welcome of the lobby and the relaxation found within a guest room through to the… Read More >

24 January 2022

Workplace Wellbeing with Lee & Plumpton

The primary objective of workplace design must be to support the activities of the people and organisation within it. The overall office environment directly influences personal comfort, health, performance, and productivity. [Find out more about Lee & Plumpton] The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)’s 2021 survey, conducted in partnership with Simply Health, showed… Read More >

17 January 2022

Wellness Trends in the Hospitality Sector

Nick Brown, Leader, Hospitality UK, LIXIL EMENA, responsible for overseeing hospitality projects for the GROHE brand in the UK, kicks off Design Insider’s Wellbeing campaign by discussing the wellness trends in the hospitality sector.  Wellness is almost synonymous with the idealism of a hotel stay. Whether visiting for business or leisure, a hotel stay offers… Read More >

4 January 2022