In this series Design Insider will be speaking to designers, architects and directors to find out more about their working space and what this says about them. We caught up with Gurvinder Khurana, Director & Co-Founder at Align.

Align is a leading interiors practice and design strategist for the workplace, the team also work on mixed-use developments, hospitality environments and residential projects.

I always have a pile of magazines on my desk, tempting me when the screen is being too demanding! It’s so important to take breaks from digital demands and magazines are a perfect way to do that – lingering over an image, finding out about new projects or seeing who’s saying what about which new trend. Magazines from outside the industry are important too. There’s always a VOGUE around in my house. Fashion is so often that little bit ahead.

GurvinderAlignweb (1)

I have a branding document by my laptop right now too, turning the focus back on ourselves. It’s important that as we evolve as a business, we re-examine what we’re about.

GurvindaAlignWeb2 (2)

Not only my desk, but the whole of our office is currently saturated in samples. We’re at the detail design stage of a new co-working space called bubbleHUB, situated within a really interesting former pumphouse in St Alban’s. Our scheme will be colourful and nature-inspired, for what will be a mixture of a private members’ club and a workspace, as well as reacting strongly to the building envelope.

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