#WoolWeek Harrison Spinks’ prized wool!

For fifth generation family bed-maker, Harrison Spinks, wool is prized as a natural filling for its luxury mattresses. So much so that this BCFA member bought its own wholly-owned farm in North Yorkshire in 2009, where prize Texel, Mule, Suffolk, Wensleydale and Zwartbles sheep are reared by hand to produce pure-grade Yorkshire wool for its beds. 

As the only bed manufacturer in the world with its own farm, Harrison Spinks ensures that the quality of the fillings going into its mattresses is premium grade.

Design Insider Harrison Spinks Farm Sheep

“Wool is the perfect filling for bed and mattresses because of its natural heat regulating and anti-bacterial properties and we have been using British wool in our beds for years. We have a commitment to vertical integration and sustainability so buying our own farm where we rear the sheep and also grow hemp – another natural filling with amazing properties –  was a natural step. People often associate wool with clothing but it’s just as important at night-time too. There’s a reason that counting sheep is associated with a good night’s sleep!” – Simon Spinks, managing director for Harrison Spinks.

Wool has been a staple of British heritage for centuries, and an industry in processing and retail has been booming for decades.  Wool makes a perfect filling for beds as it is an exceptional insulator against heat and cold meaning it helps people regulate their body-temperature as they sleep.

Design Insider Harrison Spinks Wool Mattress

Importantly wool also absorbs 23% more sweat than manmade fibres such as foam – a filling used by some bed manufacturers – and also allows the sweat to evaporate, creating a healthier sleeping environment. It is also anti-bacterial, hypo allergenic and easily recyclable.

The Harrison Spinks farm, where the wool used in the mattresses is produced, is just 18 miles from the company’s factory in Leeds where it is processed without the use of chemicals to make it suitable as a mattress filling.

Design Insider Harrison Spinks Wool Layers

To create beds which offer the ultimate in comfort and support, Harrison Spinks uses the natural support and bounce provided by wool alongside the company’s award-winning spring technology. The combination of thousands of pocket springs and natural fillings creates a mattress that cradles the body and regulates temperature  – such as a new edition to the Harrison Spinks range, the Somnus Legacy Collection (release attached).

The benefits that using wool instead of modern fillings such as foam may sound like new discoveries, but Harrison Spinks has been using British wool in its mattresses for as long as anyone in the business can remember.
Design Insider Harrison Spinks Wool Mattress Layers

Since its launch in 2014, Harrison Spinks’ Hospitality Beds Division has quickly established itself as a leader in the hospitality sector with its unrivalled quality and bespoke service. Did you know they have recently won an award? Why not contact Harrison Spinks to find out more about how their mattresses are made bespoke.

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