The Benefits of Reupholstering Furniture With Yarwood Leather

The art of reupholstering furniture is truly remarkable, taking something old and bringing a new lease of life to the piece. Speaking to those who know the art best, we’re taking a look at the benefits of choosing to reupholster furniture rather than buy new.

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Trust in the furniture

The Phil James team asks customers to “trust in the furniture you know has already served you well in form and function”. If it has been working well for you and just needs a new cover, then why buy new?

Sentimental Value

Payne Re-Upholstery shared with us how reupholstering a piece of furniture can help keep memories of loved ones alive.

“Recently I reupholstered a chair for a dementia patient that only wanted her chair with her from her late husband, it needed fireproofing for the care home, she wouldn’t have been able to keep it otherwise. Her face was a picture when it was taken back. A reupholstery priceless moment.”

This classic home seating was beautifully restored using leather by the Payne Re-Upholstery team.

Speedy Seating

Compared to creating seating from new reupholstering a chair is “usually a quick and simple solution” according to Phil James. Perfect for when you’re on a shorter lead time.

Reupholstering is a Money Saver

The team at South West Upholstery highlights the economic benefits of choosing to reupholster furniture, “When you find furniture that is built to last, don’t let it go! If you have a sturdy frame then reupholstering is often cheaper than buying like for like brand new.”

See how Mustang leather in Graphite transformed the look of this motorhome in a reupholstery makeover by South West Upholstery.

Recycle, reduce, reuse

With local craftsmanship, you can bring a new look without using too many virgin materials. Payne Re-Upholstery commented, “what better way than to keep furniture from the skips or fires than to reupholster them to bring them back to life. Most frames can be either saved or repaired to make them last for another generation to make use of.”

SW Upholstery added, “We’re all looking for ways to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that goes to the tip. Upholstery is a fantastic way to breathe life back into tired and damaged furniture.”

Understand your seating

The same as choosing new furniture it is important to communicate your requirements and choose a trusted reupholster. Phil James believes reupholstery offers, “Choice and advice from experts who understand the end-user requirements and suitability of the chosen upholstery materials.”

Create Unique Furniture 

Yarwood are a big fan of adding bespoke detail to seating.

The Payne Reupholstery team noted the beauty of reupholstering, “Customers can have absolutely anything on their furniture and in any order from stripes to patterns and plains to velvets. Even buttons can be diamanté studs and lift pieces to the next level and create that personal touch.

One lady wanted her late husbands best Sunday dinner shirt upholstered to his head of the table chair. So he was there for every family Sunday meal. Another had his war medals sewn into a chair made from his army suit. Personal touches can make that furniture piece really stand out.”

SW Upholstery added, “ you can make your furniture your own by reupholstering in the material of your choice. Leather ages beautifully over time and creates truly unique furniture to be treasured.”

This stylish seating included a new vibrant look, including Style leather in Bright Orange.

When looking to reupholster, leather offers a long-lasting product, that will usually outlast the furniture it is upholstered on. Taking a waste product, leather also offers a chance to further use recycled materials.

Take a look at how you can upcycle leather into different products, or browse through our offering to choose a material to bring a fresh look to your seating.

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