Yarwood Leather’s Beautiful Embroidery Service

Yarwood’s history working with the restaurant Tattu dates back to 2015 – where the original Tattu in Manchester was transformed. Since then, Yarwood Leather has gone on to work on other Tattu restaurants such as Leeds, Birmingham and now Edinburgh. Yarwood Leather focuses predominantly on the beautiful embroidery which differs from restaurant to restaurant. 

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Each Tattu restaurant aims to have a unique design. In the Leeds Restaurant, Yarwood Leather added deboss detail with the Tattu ‘T’ for the backs of Telegraph Contract Furniture Miami Chairs. Likewise, for the latest Tattu Restaurant in Edinburgh, Tattu once again wanted to introduce new designs whilst keeping the beautiful details that make a Tattu Restaurant.

Yarwood Leather offers an on-site leather embroidery service, with leather being cut by the on-site team and then embroidered. This service offered Tattu restaurant the chance to get creative with their latest opening. Tattu restaurant(s) stated that:

“Leather is a skin, which means it can be tattooed, so it’s a complementary material for us to use as part of the brand’s overarching concept. We wanted to apply bespoke tattoos to our furniture and chose ornate koi and dragon designs which are very prevalent in Chinese history in line with the ‘traditional meets contemporary’ design brief for the site. The gold embroidery looks classic and luxurious against the modern grey Yarwood Anthracite.”

Thus, this highlights the appropriateness of using Yarwood’s Leather for the design of the new restaurant. Golden threads and intricate designs were chosen for seating throughout the space. With approximately 50,000 stitches in each piece, the embroidery adds rich detail to the seating and compliments the natural tones in Utah Anthracite.

Booth and bench seating by Woodhouse Contract Furnishers feature a koi design, whereas the backs of Telegraph Contract Furniture bespoke dining chairs feature a Chinese dragon. Take a look at the embroidery in action…

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