10 Tips for Working from Home Successfully

During this unprecedented time many of us have found our selves unexpectedly working from home.  After the initial upheaval we have all had time to settle in to our new ‘offices’ and here at Design Insider we thought it was the perfect time to offer tips on how to fine-tune your new workspace and working practises in order to work from home successfully. 

Here are 10 top tips for working from home: 

1. Tip from Megan Logan at ILIV

Working from home can be quite lonely, making it easier to procrastinate. Our top tip for productivity is to break your working day into 30-minute sections. Spend the first 30 minutes planning what you need to achieve that day. From then on, work through your ‘To-do’ list in 25-minute slots, taking the last 5 minutes to check your e-mails. Repeat this three times and then take a 15-minute break to make a cup of tea and stretch your legs. Taking frequent, smaller breaks can allow you to focus on bigger tasks whilst not being distracted by your e-mails.

2. Tip from Jade Webster at Inside Out Contracts

To keep positive and productive whilst working in any space that isn’t part of your daily routine is difficult, so our Inside Out top tip internally has always been to keep the routine up. Whether that be eating breakfast at your normal time, doing your usual to do list or even setting your alarm and getting dressed to impress. These all seem simple but they are easy to let slip with the favoured option of getting your comfy clothes on and sitting on the sofa. Lets not forget our fury friends supporting us and boosting our morale every day!

3. Tip from Rebecca Hamer at Camira

We’re a collaborative bunch at Camira, we love to check in with our team members for ideas, opinions and just a good catch up so, to make sure we keep that team spirit up even when we can’t be in the same room, we’re having morning video calls using Microsoft Teams. Running through our plans for the day, discussing our shared projects, and just ensuring we all stay connected is so beneficial in terms of keeping us focused – and makes working from home much less lonely!

4. Tip from Mark Catchlove, Director at Herman Miller Insight Group

A supportive and comfortable space to work from home will make you more productive When setting up your home office, think about the work you’ll be doing, how long for, and working some movement into your day.

– Use an ergonomic chair if possible
– Lift up your screen to eye height, with a laptop stand or books, placing it at arms distance away.
– Set up several key work zones around your house so you can take in the following postures:
o Standing height e.g. kitchen work top
o Traditional desk height e.g. dining table
o Lounge height e.g. sofa or bed

5. Tip from Charu Gandhi, Founder & Director at Elicyon 

Good lighting is key to design different mood settings. Mixing ceiling lighting with desk, floor and table lamps is important for creating an atmosphere. Lighting shelves and artwork also adds depth to the room and can create a focal point either to compliment, or in absence of a view.

6. Tip from David Osborne, Managing Director at Roman

You need to keep routine and structure to your day – an absolute must. Establish a quiet and comfortable space to work in and make sure the other members of your household remember that you are working!

7. Tip from Drew Barker, Marketing Officer at Lee & Plumpton

Get organised – make sure your work area is tidy, as quiet as possible and set up to enable you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Communicate – you are not alone! Make sure you stay in regular contact with colleagues and customers.

Prioritise – it is important to schedule your day and prioritise what you need to achieve.

8. Tip from Audrey Arbon, Account Manager Scotland and Ireland at Yarwood Leather

New to working from home? A few tips for you – maintain regular working hours and schedule breaks. Get away from the screen once an hour – do light exercise, move around and get fresh air. Create a calm working space away from family. Make sure you have all of the technical kit you need. Keep in touch with colleagues by Zoom, Skype etc on a social as well as work level. Communicate your successes and report any problems, you’re not alone. Enjoy the perks of being there for your pets, doing a wash – don’t feel guilty! Switch off at the normal time. Working from home should NOT be a 24/7 thing.

9. Tip from Laura Marino, founder of Studio L

Add a plant (or two). Pay attention to the direction your office faces and what kind of maintenance that the plant you like, will require.

10. Tip from Laura Marino, founder of Studio L

Find your scent and infuse your office with it. I always have a candle burning in my office, it’s incredibly soothing.

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