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BCFA member Bisley recently announced its new distribution partnership with fellow British design brand and contract furniture specialists, Deadgood. Bisley has the exclusive distribution rights to Deadgood products in North America.

We took the opportunity to speak with Elliot Brook, Deadgood’s Co-Founder & Director to find out more about the British brand and their new partnership.

Please could you begin by telling us a little bit about yourself?

We are Deadgood. Furniture, lighting & interior products. Designed in Britain. Made in Britain. An eclectic collection. Products with personality. For Brands. For the Workplace. A bright idea on the back of a beer mat. Fun. Quality. Longevity. Keep it simple stupid. Consistently inconsistent. Challenge the status quo. Experiment with new ideas. Remain at the crest of a wave. Constantly evolve. Continuously improve. Nurture talent. Be more. Do less. Ethically and environmentally awake. Emotionally durable. Local yokel. Global reach. Inspired. Refined. Disruptive. Inclusive. Deadgood in every detail. We are you. Collaborative. Forward-thinking. Best of British.

What sets Deadgood apart in the contract sector?

We’re constantly pursuing our mission to challenge the preconceived conceptions of what a commercial furniture brand should look like, all the while developing simple products for the modern workplace. Our personal values, experiences and aspirations are intrinsically linked within our brand and our company culture. Music, fashion, popular culture, technology and travel, it’s all in here; we’re just bottling it up into a brand that happens to develop beautiful products. Deadgood in every detail.

Why is Bisley the perfect distribution partner?

I think any successful business partnership relies on mutual trust and a great deal of respect. We like doing business with nice people and the team at Bisley are a great bunch of folk, with shared values and ambitious plans for the future. Bisley is synonymous with quality, great British design and a heritage that we are very proud to align ourselves with.

What role does distribution in North America play in your plans for Deadgood’s future?

We founded the company fresh out of university back in 2004 with a vision to develop an internationally recognised design brand. Fast forward a decade and a half and we’re humbled to supply our eclectic collection of products to leading commercial projects and influential brands worldwide. To date, our growth in overseas markets has been organic. We feel the time is right to step it up a gear and to proactively develop a global distribution network to promote our Deadgood principles even further.

What should we look forward to from Deadgood this year?

Like everyone, we’re in shock as to what’s happening right now in the world, to our economy and way of life and the speed at which the drama is unfolding. Like many of our peers, we came into the new decade with a spring in our step and a clear vision for the future. We have a number of exciting plans that have just come to fruition at the exact same time that our lives have been turned upside down. Rather than sideline these plans though, we thought it might come as a shred of good news to share the fruits of our labour. We have just launched a brand new website and brochure (now live) and we are exceptionally proud to announce this distribution partnership. In a move that we hoped could celebrate the ‘Best of British’, both Bisley and ourselves fly the flag for the ‘designed in Britain; made in Britain’ model. With our solidarity and eagerness to continue designing and creating, both our brands hope to showcase Great British design at a time when cohesion is most needed.

Do you have new design launches planned?

Absolutely. We have a refreshing new campaign in our back pocket and have been working on a collection of products that really respond to the environmental concerns of our time. We’re addressing the full life cycle of our new products, using recycled and recyclable materials and developing desirable new ideas for the modern workplace.

Has the COVID19 crisis impacted on the design launches you have planned for 2020?

It’s set them back for sure but it’s also influencing new briefs and considerations, for the changes that are surely afoot in the workplace. Rest assured, we’ll not be jumping on the plexiglass bandwagon.

How do you address sustainability in the design, production and delivery of your products?

It is our duty as designers to make things as durable and relevant as possible. Our timeless classics are not only designed to outlive immediate trends but they can also contribute to the sustainability goals of a commercial project. Damaging the environment for short term gains is just not our style. That doesn’t mean we have to be bland though.

One example would be a recent finish introduction. ‘Get Wasted’ is a new standard finish available on selected products from our ‘Working Girl’ & ‘Spun Lighting’ collections. This durable powder-coated finish utilises 100% recycled paint that would normally end up either chemically separated or in a landfill. Grey in colour and inconsistent in tone from batch to batch, the finish is speckled with small flecks of extra colour throughout. It meets our ambitions of striving to remain at the crest of the wave, challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ideas.

We like being Deadgood and hope you will too…

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