In the Second of our new discussion series ‘Have Your Say’ we are posing the question ‘Is AirBnB an opportunity or a threat?’

With the rise of companies such as Airbnb and guests looking for more unique spaces that take inspiration from the local environment – What do hotels, manufacturers and suppliers have to do to excel in this marketplace?  We would like to hear your opinion!

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    David Lee Hood, Associate at Goddard Littlefair: ‘Airbnb is only a threat to hotels that aren’t already offering a unique service or are not willing to adapt. The growth of sharing-economy companies such as Airbnb actually gives hotels the opportunity to sell their customer service offer as a differentiating factor, as well as the incentive to become more personal in response to changing expectations. Hotels can also rely of course on the perennial appeal of a beautifully-designed space.’


    I think, in many ways, Air Bnb has provided a (perhaps necessary) ‘shake up’ for the hospitality industry, which has encouraged the industry as a whole to reassess what the customer wants. In many cases, this is character and a real insight into how the locals live. We have become more of an ‘experience’ society and so hotel designers have had to respond to this. I think it’s an exciting shift in the industry, although I do wonder when Air BnB will have to step up and meet industry standards and regulations….