Inside Out – 106 Baker Street

Baker Street is a well-known and popular destination for tourists and Londoner’s alike, which is why this new café located in the famous area was named after the street itself. 106 Baker Street prides itself with serving “Good stuff. Freshly made. Every day. All day.”

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VAAL Studio London, who were responsible for the interior design, turned to Inside Out to furnish the cafe’s seating area.
The interior features a vintage inspired design; drawing inspiration from the street’s most illustrious fictional resident, and combining it with more modern influences.

VAALstudio-106BakerStreet-(Sniez-0209) 800px



To suit this aesthetic, Inside Out supplied chairs in three different designs: the delicate, ornate 1900 chair in a light green, together with the simple retro looking Lund and the more modern Pipe chair. Inside Out also supplied the Opera table, as well as the Bold Cross table base and bespoke tops to match the chairs.

VAALstudio-106BakerStreet-(Tala-0119) 800px
This eclectic mix of tables and chairs fuse together perfectly and are especially resilient to accommodate the high frequency of visitors in such a busy contract environment. The finished project aligns with the café’s progressive philosophy and is so inviting, that the new location has quickly become one of Marylebone’s lunch hotspots.

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