NEW: Larson-Juhl, Pure and Simple

Collection: Simplicity
Models: 5
Usage: Framing
Finish: Foil
Material: Pine Wood
Dimensions: 17mm-40mm

The new Simplicity range by BCFA member Larson-Juhl is an easy to use, everyday collection which can be relied upon for any framing need – family photographs, artwork, textiles, sporting and music memorabilia, and much more!

[Larson-Juhl have a BCFA Product Finder Page]

Design Insider Larson-Juhl Simplicity Grey

Inspiration for Simplicity came from the requirement for a low cost alternative to a stained wood. The great consistency a foil finish gives over a natural finish. Easy to use and cut in the framing process, Simplicity gives less wastage and improves production times.

“The name speaks for itself: a modern range of 10 colours, 5 profiles to choice from, simple to cut and pin and great consistencies in the finish, makes it truly “Simplicity” .” – Pauline Hutchinson, marketing manager. 

Although this is an uncomplicated moulding, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it provides a wonderful finish to any piece. It is available in ten stunning shades – Maple, Whitewashed Oak, Whitewashed Walnut, Walnut, Gold, Ebony, Whitewashed Grey, Embossed Teak, Embossed Oak and Embossed Walnut.

Design Insider Larson-Juhl Simplicity Brown

The finish is a stylish foil and the majority of the range is FSC certified. You can find out more about Larson-Juhl by reading their articles on Design Insider, such as their export experiences.

Contact Larson-Juhl through the BCFA Product Finder Page


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