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Situated on the Southern edge of Belfast, Malone is an exclusive distributor of skai synthetic leather for the UK and Ireland. The extensive range of synthetic leathers can be used for the Hospitality, Healthcare, Marine and Contract sector whilst conforming to the highest flame retardancy standards including Crib 5 and IMO.

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Malone Fabrics have launched a new range which is environmentally friendly. The term “nature base” is a trendsetting development by Continental. The aim of this range was to replace as many components as possible with natural and renewable resources, without influencing the wear resistance and longevity of the products. The fascinating result: 80% of the ingredients are now natural and renewable resources. At the same time, the positive properties of a high-quality upholstery cover are maintained.

Malone Fabrics have to consider and assess new innovative product ideas in regard to sustainability. The substitution of synthetic components by natural and renewable substances is consistently used during development without neglecting their availability, renewal, and energy input during production. No renewable resources are used that can also be used as nutrition for human beings. The combination of the selected raw materials which results in a product that fulfils the necessary product properties and high customer specifications. This is a remarkable step in the direction of sustainability of synthetic upholstery cover.

Malone Fabrics believes that in order to enable our children a future worth living, Malone Fabrics must take responsibility for their manufacturing. To ensure that all materials are harmless to health, the utilised backing complies with the GOTS guidelines and predominantly use renewable, raw materials such as organic cotton.

The “Nature Base” collection was initially launched in 2008 and has been a long-lasting success. Nature was, is and remains Malone Fabric’s role model. The collection consists of sophisticated criteria which have been brought together using natural, renewable and raw materials. The organic cotton substrate stands as a symbol of growing environmental awareness and reduction to the organisation’s environmental footprint. As well as this, for Malone Fabric’s leather design, skai® have produced: Pureto EN, a high-quality PVC-free upholstery material for the hospitality, office, and public area sectors. The sustainable material is produced using a very robust polyurethane system, which is water-based and therefore solvent-free. The surface resembles calfskin, has a soft feel, and is available in 13 colours.

Furthermore, sophisticated products with excellent properties which conform to environmental standards take time to develop. In fact, sustainable products are a result of years of experience and extensive development. Even if the product recipe contains a large amount of sustainable, natural resources – the product properties must still fulfil stringent specifications.

Thus, sustainability is proven to be highly significant to new products in the market. We must consider each aspect to the making of the product and how we can create amazing designs, in a sustainable manner.

Do you consider the environmental impact of the materials you specify?

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