Milliken Product Watch: Fixation Shapes

Customise, accessorise and differentiate your own interior with Fixation Shapes

Milliken launches a new collection ‘Fixation Shapes’ in January 2015. Individuality and freedom to customise quickly and easily are the concepts behind the collection. Built off the best-selling Fixation collection, Fixation Shapes can be used alone, mixed with the standard Fixation collection or combined with any of the Milliken collections to create a unique floor plane.

Fixation Shapes is offered in three patterns: Tilt, Trio and Zigzag. The patterns feature a medley of simple geometric shapes and interesting angles with a playful interaction of stripes. Vivid and sometimes clashing colours are combined with subtle tonal blends to deliver vibrancy, drama and energy to the floor.

Thecollection can be used creatively to build a composition on the floor, perhaps to give the appearance of an expanded floor plane or to define a particular work zone or simply to add a focal point to an interior.

Milliken Fixation Shapes Orange Zig Zag
Milliken provides the component parts to model and shape the floor plane and transform the look and feel of any interior. When it comes to colour there’s an enviable palette to choose from; twenty five vibrant brights, including Calypso, Damson and Pumpkin and an equally impressive range of twenty five neutrals with subtle shades such as Mocha, Jasmine and Hessian.

Fixation Shapes is a tufted level loop pile carpet tile. The standard backing has 90% recycled content Polyurethane cushion and is available with TractionBack® on request. The collection has a 12 year wear guarantee and a Lifetime Antistatic guarantee. Fixation is produced in an ISO14001 certified facility in Wigan, UK using ethically sourced and wherever possible, locally produced, materials.


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