As inviting as it may be, a sofa, armchair or bed is not the best place to work for long periods. They are neither beneficial to work morale nor do they help you assume a correct posture. The furniture from the readily available Sedus Home Office Selection is designed to support optimal working posture and prevent postural problems. 

In addition to ergonomics, the harmony between the furniture and the room also has a significant influence on well-being and productivity. The timeless and high quality products of the Sedus Home Office Selection make your home office complete ensuring that your home remains a comfortable and pleasant space.

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No need for tedious adjustments – thanks to the intelligent design of the frame, this swivel chair simply adjusts itself to each user. The ergonomically shaped seat pan and the perforated, flexible backrest ensure a high level of seating comfort. The convenient, replaceable upholstery allows se:motion to be customised quickly without tools.


The harmonious lines and a design language inspired by nature immediately catch the eye. These features are complemented by pleasant seating comfort and intuitive functionality. The innovative mesh cover on the seat and backrest provides supportive seating.  The rocker mechanism follows the user’s movements and can be locked if required.


Among the special features of se:do PRO are the easily adjustable ergonomic functions, which ensure healthy seating comfort for different users. With its ergonomically formed seat pan and a height-adjustable backrest with a wide opening angle it provides maximum back support in all positions. The “Similar” mechanism allows the seat and backrest to move in sync with the body.


Se:Fit is a versatile standing seat which encourages movement and facilitates agile sitting and leaning. Whether at a standing desk, a table or wherever standing seating is the order of the day, Se:Fit can be adjusted in height (from 530 to 800 mm) and easily carried along in one hand.

Secretair Home

Sleek design, clear lines and an organic shape: Secretair home stands out due to its light, uncluttered appearance.  With its compact dimensions it even fits into the smallest niche. A shelf is integrated into the felt frame to accommodate pens, notes or a calendar.

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