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During December Design Insider will explore the production processes behind our members’ most unique and innovative designs.

Last week The Fine Bedding Company allowed us a look behind the scenes as they manufactured their Boutique Silk Smartfil® Duvet. Creating this luxurious bedding product is vastly different to the process we will explore today, where Boss Design guide us through the production of their Trinetic Chair.

The Trinetic Chair defied the industry standard by providing dynamic user support without the need for manual adjustment. It intuitively cradles the users in a correct ergonomic position whilst offering contemporary and versatile office seating.

Boss 1

1. The Trinetic chair’s plastic components are injection moulded Polypropylene, ABS and glass filled Nylon. Diecast aluminium components are used in the seat frame, underseat cradle and arms for durability, weight and high surface finish. The seat cushion is injection moulded from Combustion Modified High Resilient foam (CMHR).

Boss 2 and 3

2. Upholstery fabric used on the seat is CNC cut from a roll. These are based on card patterns that have been digitised and arranged to ensure the highest yield and to maintain consistency throughout the batch.

3. The CNC cut seat fabric is then overlocked around the perimeter to enable the seat to be drawstrung, without the need for staples. A sewn central ‘fly’ allows the seat fabric to follow the ergonomic contours of the moulded seat cushion.

Boss 4 and 5

4. After parts have been inspected for surface quality and fit, they are placed in a padded jig to prevent damage to them during assembly. Grease is applied to moving components to increase bearing surface life and eliminate noises.

5. The chair is systematically assembled with a variety of machine screws, inserted via torque limited airguns to ensure that no stress points are created in the fixing areas of the chair. The seat and back upholstery are some of the last parts to be assembled, to prevent staining and damage.


The complete Trinetic chair is cleaned and tested prior to having packaging and sales order information applied.

FX Awards Official feature

Such is the innovation of Trinetic that at this year’s FX Awards, Boss Design were awarded Product of the Year for groundbreaking chair. With its tangible ergonomic and commercial benefits, Trinetic will be the benchmark against which future task chairs are compared!

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