NEW: Touchwood by Larson-Juhl UK

Collection: Touchwood

Models: 8

Wood Type: Pine

Profile: Flat

Services: Chop Service

Interior designers with a passion for oak may like to consider Larson-Juhl’s Touchwoood Collection. These oak mouldings feature a natural veneered finish which is much easier to handle than solid oak when it comes to picture framing. Touchwood profiles are light, easy to cut and very affordable.

The collection gives the opportunity to capture the fashionable ‘unfinished’ or Nordic look but without any of the challenges associated with working in solid wood. With a unique set of profiles, Touchwood retains the sharp edge necessary for the perfect framing of art with the potential for a personalised stain or varnish.

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Design Insider Touchwood Frame

“Oak in its natural form is very hard and difficult to cut. With our veneers you get the beauty of oak look but a lightweight easy to cut moulding.”

Working with solid wood can be very heavy and hard to cut, with veneer being a much easier option. Touchwood uses veneers from oak, maple, walnut, wenge and beech. Some of these woods are very hard to cut whereas using a veneer instead of solid wood. The profiles in our range are very up to date giving depth where needed and featuring canvas float frames.

Design Insider Touchwood Frames

With contemporary simple styles still very current, the Nordic look is bang on trend with the very plain and natural look.

Picture frames are suited to their surrounds or artwork, and Larson-Juhl’s frames can help with this. As long as it is suitable for wood, you are also able to use any stain or varnish to give the desired effect for your project. The profiles in their range are very up to date giving depth where needed and featuring canvas float frames.

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