3 Students Make a Lot of Sound

Running Farm Labs have created an elegant and simple speaker that stands out in a crowd.

Timbre is a desktop speaker system that aims to change the perception of what a speaker can (and should) be. Crafted from stainless steel and a single block of solid alder, it emphasizes simple lines and quality materials. Created by 3 engineer students at Stanford University this speaker has become a massive hit throughout design websites.


The real student success though with this story is what happened when the 3 engineer students put Timbre on Kickstarter. where it raised over 360% of its funding goal.


The minimalist desktop speakers are crafted from hardwood and stainless steel, and the simple design really makes it stand out. Comparing it to the traditional black plastic desktop speakers you get, this design with the wooden exterior really makes an impact on your desk.


Running Farm Labs set themselves the task to redefine ‘what a speaker can be’. by minimalizing the speaker down to ‘One piece of hardwood, and one seamless, featureless, beautiful piece of steel. And that’s it. The steel face vibrates to produce sound that’s crisp, clear, and enveloping.’

It may look good, but does it sound it good, in the video above I think that is proved. To create this sound the 3 engineer student took on quite a challenge, which is all explained in this article.


All Images © Running Farm Labs 2014


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