A New Interactive Shower Control Element Designed by Barber & Osgerby

Whats the Product?

Axor have teamed up with Barber and Osgerby to create a clutter free shower experience. Axor One is the the brand first all-in-one interactive shower control element.


How does this differ from other show controls?

Axor One has the possibility to simultaneously turn multiple water outlets on or off with the back of the hand or the elbow makes Axor One a convenient and engaging shower experience.

Temperature is set by turning the central dial; a small lever directly below regulates water volume, and the Eco Mode reduces water consumption up to 50%. The flow of water is activated and deactivated by tapping of the paddles: clear symbols indicate the specific water outlets the user can choose from (e.g. overhead, hand, or side shower).

This unification of water outlet activation, water volume regulation, and temperature control, gives a sleek form to a structured function.

Axor_One_Couple Shower 2_med

Designer Comments

“Axor One allows a completely fresh interpretation of water control: by consolidating many individual controls into one simple element, it streamlines both the look and functionality of the bathroom”

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.


The refined proportions, sculpted form and accurate detailing make a timeless statement that merges seamlessly with any bathroom environment. With a variety of special finishes, ranging from subdued chrome to a bold red-gold, Axor One becomes as visible as the user would like it to be


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