Abbotsford – Nottingham University

A collaboration between Abbotsford Fabrics and RMB Projects took place resulting in a colourful, vibrant mix for new Nottingham University Café and Bar.

awp_hallward library sept 2014-17

RMB Projects were asked to provide two furniture schemes for the Hallward Library Café and Vespers Bar for Nottingham University. Their brief was “to create more colour, comfort and rhythm to currently sterile, symmetrical and lack lustre environments”. RMB Projects worked closely with Vickie O’Mara, sales agent from Abbotsford, and proposed two schemes specifying several fabrics from the Abbotsford collection, specifically chosen for the vibrant colours and patterns.

awp_hallward library sept 2014-15

London Classics Westminster, Fathom Cayenne and Sunny and Exhilarate Dawlish were all fabrics from Abbotsford’s collection used to upholster a variety of dining chairs, high stools, lounge and contemporary wingback armchairs to create an interesting mix of style, shape and colour.  The schemes were completed to budget and to plan, achieving positive reactions from the client.

awp_hallward library sept 2014-14


awp_hallward library sept 2014-12


awp_hallward library sept 2014-11

awp_hallward library sept 2014-10


awp_hallward library sept 2014-3


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