Anthology will be showing its beautiful ’04’ collection at The BCFA Open this month

An abundance of lustrous texture from Anthology in just two years, Anthology has proved itself an exciting and successful brand offering ground-breaking finishes, innovative textures and complex backgrounds. Its international appeal brings added glamour, style and definition to both contemporary contract and domestic interiors.

The Anthology studio has produced 04, a collection of wallcoverings inspired by the concept of construction and deconstruction of woven fabrics and these will be showcased at The BCFA Open in Manchester this month at stands 6 & 7A.

Anthology_2016_Anthology04_14_ER (800x533)

According to senior designer, Louise Draper;

“Anthology 04 examines in microscopic detail elements of paper, threads and pleats, producing a cohesive range of wallcoverings that will grace the most design-conscious hotels and style-aware homes around the world.”

Anthology_2016_Anthology04_07_ER (578x800)

Comprising eight designs over 50 wide-width wallcoverings, Anthology 04 uses the most technically-advanced machines and state-of–the-art production methods, resulting in avant-garde, beguiling finishes, in a spectrum of evocative shades.


CAZIMI: a textural oval shape against a fibre-effect ground, the design is picked out in two-colour inks and beaded between the outlines.

CILIUM: the original ‘artwork’ was folded and creased tissue paper, arranged into blocks to create a build-up of translucent layers on a mica and metallic ground. The non-woven, backed vinyl has been embossed to highlight the mica shimmer.

ODOKO: resembling a digital photograph of crumpled silk against a dappled, ponyskin-effect textured ground.

OLON: the use of mica, metallics and iridescence creates the illusion of filaments trapped in fabric, with added depth being achieved through the use of accenting shadows.

PUMICE: A play on light and shade, using opaque, metallic and mica inks to create matt and glistening surfaces with the appearance of natural stone.

TALI: silhouetted branches, depicted in a highly atmospheric way, with depth of colour built up then accented with liberal amounts of subtle glitter to produce a glorious lustre.

VISO: the effect of trapped threads is created by the combination of translucent ink tinting a foil background, with opaque ink picking out the design.

YUTI: an atmospheric effect, resembling a distressed, shadowy, watermarked wall.

Anthology_2016_Anthology04_02_ER (570x800)

The collection enjoys a stunning palette of tones, judiciously accented with sparkle, beading, metallic and mica: old gold, pebble and ash; linen, jute and stone: bronze, steel and zinc; old rose, almond and bitter chocolate; graphite, jet and amethyst.


Come see Anthology at The BCFA Open at stands 6A & 7A. Click below to register for this event.




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