Chelsom Product Watch: Custom Rods

One of the signature fittings from Chelsom’s custom range, the Custom Rods is a true statement piece that is sure to create impact in any interior space.


Understated in terms of its design, the decorative impact of Rods comes from the striking effect of the sparkle emitted from the bottom of each individual acrylic rod and through the bubbles inside where applicable. Rods are available in varying diameters and lengths with each being illuminated from above by a warm white LED light source to provide excellent ambient lighting. The tops of the rods are individually threaded to ensure they screw in to the framework securely making them ideal for marine use.


Available in two standard configurations, the size and shape can also be adapted dependent on client specifications enabling creative freedom to suit any project be it a rectangular pendant in a coffered ceiling or a statement structure to descend three decks in a ship’s atrium.



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