Creative Surface Pattern Workshop at BCFA Open

Be creative at our Surface Pattern Workshop at  BCFA Open Spring Design on Wednesday the 29th March at 11:30am & 2:30pm, London – The Old Truman Brewery.  Register for BCFA Open here

With an event focus of creativity our first choice for providing an inspiring creative workshop was of course the wonderfully creative duo the Patternistas.  Join Chris and Suzanne Carpenter at their Surface Pattern Workshop which will guide you through playful mark-making, using simple tools and techniques. Take some time to contemplate composition and respond to the rhythm of repeat patterns.  This will be a break from your routine to stimulate the brain cells and unleash your creativity. No special skills required. Materials supplied.

Workshop: Wednesday 29th March 11:30am Book your place here.

Workshop: Wednesday 29th March 2:30pm Book your place here.


We asked the Patternistas 4 short questions about what creativity means to them:

What inspires your work?
We’re at our happiest when collaborating with open-minded clients to help create practical products that are useful and uplifting. We’re excited about sharing our love of colour and pattern and are always on the look out for new surfaces to decorate. It’s encouraging that issues around wellbeing in the workplace are being recognised and that companies are acknowledging the benefits of work spaces that are inspiring and energising.

What does creativity look like to you?
It’s a way of living. Sometimes it’s carefree, indulgent, self-expression which is both calming and energising. At other times it is more of a problem solving mechanism allowing us to get to the essence of something by looking at it sideways. Sometimes it’s a struggle to find the appropriate visual language or words but it’s most often joyful and almost always a means to connect with others both directly and in unexpected ways.

Where do you go for inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere. We find it all around us whether we’re in our studio or a station, a garden, a gallery or just rummaging around inside our own heads.

When are you most creative?
A brief or a project can occasionally inspire an instant creative response but generally we like some time to rattle our ideas around in our heads for a while before settling on a solution. This can happen anytime during morning, noon and night but at the absolute latest, it’s when the deadline starts looming.

How would you answer these questions?  We would love to hear your opinions of creativity in our comments section below or on twitter @DesignInsider1


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