Delve into cultures with Muraspec’s Amazonia

Motifs is a series of collections inspired by different cultural themes. Muraspec’s Amazonia collection is a set of enchanting patterns providing a glimpse into a rainbow of exotic creatures and rich vegetation; using the vibrant and lush rainforest flora and fauna as inspiration.

Created in their Kent studio, Novos, Rio, Manos and Porto take us on a deep, rich journey into a place with no seasons. The astonishment, beauty and wonder of the rain forests lie in these intricate and complex designs, adding sensational depth and presence to both residential and commercial spaces.

Muraspec is working in collaboration with Rainforest Trust, donating 2.5% of sales income for this collection to the charity – this income will help protect the forests’ endangered wildlife, safeguard indigenous communities and reduce climate change.

You’ll find Muraspec’s products in the finest hotels, shops and offices worldwide. Which wallcovering do you like the most? Does the collection suit your project requirements?

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