Designer Q&A: Gilberto Vizzini, Il Prisma (Sleep Set)

Design Insider managed to catch up with Il Prisma’s Design team to find out a little more about they have got planned for their Sleep Set design…

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First off, why did you want to get involved in this year’s Sleep sets?

Take part to the Sleep set is always a great challenge and a good occasion to push the boundaries of innovation and thinking about the future of the customer experience. For us is the sleep set is the theatre for our ideas, the right exercise with the right audience to test lateral thinking.

With the theme of Loyalty running throughout this year’s Sleep exhibition how have you interpreted the brief?

To create loyalty, love, connection between the brand and the customers is the key element for every project in every sector. In this case we imagine the hotel as a human being and we have tried to build the same system that allows people to create human relationships. Designing a beautiful space is not enough: brands have to act as humans building a solid and consistent bridge with their customer increasing the moments together. The “Emotional based living” concept reflect this approach: strong personality, flexibility, knowledge of your clients, surprisingly creative.

Do think visitors will be surprised by the design?

They will be surprised about the complexity of the idea and about the 360 degrees view: it’s not just about the design but it’s about the service design model. We imagine the entire ecosystem to create the best conditions to build the loyalty and the love.

What have been the challenges as part of the design?

The challenge has been to create a physical space for a really high concept idea without a real brandto study, to analyse. Fir that reason we have created “The Lovers” that is the brand chosen for the exhibition

What is your favourite feature of the design, without giving too much away?

For sure the design has been conceived to be flexible, adaptable and social. The possibility to change the settings to create a new experience is key in our idea.

At the same time technology is a really important element to create the right ecosystem .

Il Prisma sleep

You can check out how Il Prisma interpreted the brief of Loyalty at the Sleep exhibition this November 21-22 at the Business Design Centre.

About Il Prisma

Il Prisma Group, ( is an unconventional architectural and design practice, based on the knowledge and on the art of the active listening through a method of quantitative and qualitative analysis, and observations conducted by the dedicated team of strategist.

It’s an Italian company working internationally. It is established on a multicultural approach thanks to a talented team with different origins, skills and backgrounds.

The Research and Development department, totally focused on analysis and explorations, has just written a publication on the use of the 5 senses to design spaces dedicated to the innovation.

Today Il Prisma e Group has a team of 94 extraordinary talents, with branches in London, Milan, Rome and Lecce. It works through four business units: Architecture, Innovative Workplaces, Living &Hospitality and Retail Design.


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