ege carpets – Fields of Flow

Danish designer fusions Asian culture and Scandinavian design in new carpet collection

Fields of Flow is the new carpet collection launched by Danish carpet manufacturer ege carpets. It reflects the area of tension between traditional Asian culture and Scandinavian design – a strong fusion based on respect for Feng Shui symbols, reinterpreting them by looking through the eyes of a young Danish designer.

Fields of Flow_006_scale

Through abstractions and creative thinking Chinese elements have been clarified, sophisticated and beautified into a contemporary interpretation of old values. The design process combines traditional craft of paper cuts and watercolours with modern design techniques. An aesthetic journey through different cultures combining the best aspects from both in a unique and expressive collection.

Fields of Flow_011_red_scale

The inspiration

“Everyone appreciates the benefits of harmony, balance and a positive state of mind” says designer Signe Fink Nørgaard “Feng Shui, a study of the relationship between the environment and human life, is the key word for the Fields of Flow collection”. Discovered by the Chinese, Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries to design environments that enhance conditions for success in life

Fields of Flow_001_scale

In addition, the collection is strongly inspired by the Yin and Yang mindset that characterises the Chinese way of thinking – the belief that the universe is constructed by the 5 elements water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

“This multicultural approach entails lotus flowers, lucky clouds and bamboos as beautifying design elements with strong Chinese references” designer Signe Fink Nørgaard concludes.

Fields of Flow_003_scale

Endless design possibilities

The Fields of Flow collection consists of 5 design themes with independent designs having a clear reference to each other. The expressions vary from small scale and calm patterns to bigger scale and more vivid patterns.

Each design works beautifully on its own. However, the design themes are constructed around a layering concept meaning that two individual designs can be combined into a third design – a unique mash up of patterns. Behind each layer is hidden new meanings that when combined transform into impressive floor designs.

Fields of Flow_016_scale

Each design theme enables an interconnected floor design from room to room and calls for the floor to be used creatively to create strong and coordinated expressions.


Fields of Flow comes in 9 different qualities and is available as broadloom, corridors and runners.



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  • michael caldwell

    I am a home owner trying create a dream house, and I desperately want to buy some carpet by Ege. It appears that you are a supplier. I however did not find the carpet I initially fell in love with one carpet desin on the Ege website, but I found a second choice which suffice in beauty and style which is Fields of Flow by Ege in the above image. Is it possible that I can purchase about 500 sq feet directly from Pinterest. If not would you refer me to suppliers that has beautiful custom design carpets not the usual boring piles that will sell to the public.
    Thank you

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