ege carpets launches new Canvas Collage collection

ege carpets has teamed up with Dutch interior designer Nicolette Brunklaus

Danish carpet manufacturer ege carpets has teamed up with Dutch interior designer Nicolette Brunklaus, who has designed a new collection truly reflecting her love of rich textile structures. A tiny sample of worn linen, loosely woven and faded, began Nicolette Brunklaus’ creative process of mapping textures, colours and memories.

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Canvas Collage is inspired by reflections on industry, just before the industrial revolution. Today, industry and efficiency have replaced this laborious craft yet Nicolette Brunklaus utilises its nostalgia by digitising it and collaging the linen texture in various modern ways. The woven structure is applied to all variations of the Canvas Collage collection, layered over dried dahlia flowers, in a patchwork of colours and combined with new forms.

Nicolette Brunklaus explains: “My work is tied to memories that, once translated into designs, become universal. In this way my work personally touches the people who interact and relate to them. Canvas Collage is a continuation of this approach, creating beautiful atmospheres that are emotionally relatable.”

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5 unique designs

Canvas Collage represents a collection of 5 designs that can be integrated. Each of the designs stands alone beautifully and when combined they seamlessly interlace with each other to create an atmosphere of effortless comfort in a hotel, office or home.

About the designs Nicolette Brunklaus states that: “The collection is timeless. I manipulate my own photographs to create unique designs and the images are chosen for their colour palette and poetic meaning”. In this way, the designs remain unaffected by popular interest while staying at the forefront of thought-provoking contemporary design.


The designs are unique and intimate with a strong graphic identity. Rewoven is a very collaged design inspired by tapestries by Corbusier in Chandigarh, India. Each mixture of layers in colour forms a new pattern. Octo mixes a geometrical pattern with the rough expression of linen and brings a completely new look with an ambiguous feeling. Tradition is built up as a geometric grid with a twist in the colour combination transforming it to either a modern or a classical look. Linen reflects the woven structures of worn fabrics from long ago. The floral print Faded Dahlia illustrates the beauty of dried flowers that are photographed, abstracted and collaged in a rich realistic way and combined with the structure of linen.

Canvas Collage - RF52752820 Octo

Canvas Collage comes in 7 different qualities and is available as broadloom, corridors, runners and rugs.

About Nicolette Brunklaus

Nicolette Brunklaus is born in 1959. She holds an Art degree from Academy of Art in Groningen and has worked as a product designer since 1998. Nicolette Brunklaus exhibits art and design all over the world and is the founder and art director of Brunklaus Amsterdam.


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