Ege – The Glass House Hotel, Ireland


Interior design which stands out

The central location of the Glass House Hotel in Sligo coupled with the buildings unique architectural design and use of modern materials, it was important to carry this through to the interior with a powerful and modern design statement that exudes contemporary style unlike its more traditional competitors.
New standards for hotel presentation

Through cutting-edge design and architecture, the Glass House Hotel sets new standards for luxury accommodation, incorporating a total of 116 modern guestrooms with a high wow factor.


“Energetic colours, patterns and fresh materials all contri­bute to providing a unique stay in a stylish, urban resort”, Anita O’Dwyer senior designer of DWA, Galway tells.


Individuality at floor level

“The central feature of the carpet design is the ‘lollipop’ in the entrance lobby, which is a perfect circle highlighting the organic curves in the central core which continue up the steps to the raised bar area, encouraging people into other areas of the hotel. At the top, the carpet segments, directing visitors to the restaurant or bar area.


The corridor carpets have been designed to complement the energetic, fun design of the hotel interior. Water and waves provided inspiration for this design, highlighting the hotel’s unique location on the Garavogue River.”


Why ege?

ege, having one of the most advanced carpet technologies available in Europe, was in a position to offer bespoke and standard designs in a high quality material allowing the client to create individual flooring solutions perfectly matching the interior design concept of the hotel.


“The carpets used in the Glass House were never seen as ‘just carpets’. They were carefully designed as an integral part of the interior”, says Anita O’Dwyer.


All Images © Ege 2014



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