Forget the rain with Muraspec’s new summer designs

Muraspec announces the elegant yet contemporary new Karakash, Lava, Orissa and Vienne wallcoverings.Karakash Render webNamed after the Karakash River passing east of Khotan, along the Silk Road Trail, the Karakash design reflects the beautifully luxurious essence of natural silks. A serene palette of classic satin hues together with a refined horizontal ‘fine silk’ texture brings style, shine and a unique flair to any space. This perfectly pearlescent wallcovering is versatile enough for any home, hotel or commercial design scheme.Lava webInspired by an ‘oil and water’ design technique, Lava combines an oversized foil print with subtle embossed textures for a magnificiently bold and contemporary design. This showstopper is characterised by an iridescent palette, including such colours as mink on silver, white on gold and an inky blue on pewter, and demonstrates just how spectacular yet intricate wallcoverings can be.Orissa webEmulating the texture of natural silks and defined by a depth of colour, the timeless Orissa is the epitome of elegance and style. A clever use of modern prints and subtle yet lustrous finishes – together with a rich and neutral palette – create a look that is perfect for the most refined of interiors.Vienne webCreating a look that is reminiscent of woven fabrics, the versatile Vienne is defined by tactile structured surfaces similar to that distinctly ‘textile’ touch of heavy linen. An effortlessly natural array of light and dark colours delineates these uniquely modern vinyl wallcoverings.

Muraspec Design Team says;

Karakash, Lava, Orissa and Vienne are timeless new takes on prismatic design. Exquisite colourways define these wallcoverings, while resplendent yet palpable finishes make for versatile decorative solutions for the contemporary design scheme.”

A leader in the design industry, the company designs a full spectrum of readymade and bespoke solutions found in the finest hotels, shops and residences worldwide. From decorative panels to wallcoverings in thousands of colourways, Muraspec’s range is all manufactured at their UK-based facility.

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