Furniture Fusion help in telling the ‘Restaurant Story’

When Tom Sellers opened the Restaurant Story in 2013, it was an instant success. Only five months in, the venue got its first Michelin Star and retained it ever since. Five years on, it needed a little uplift and Furniture Fusion worked with Raven Collective on this exciting project.

Everything about the place is a bit quirky – from the fact the building used to be a Victorian toilet, to the decorations and even the people who work there. Yet the interior has a clear Nordic influence, with a lot of warm colours, exposed walls, leathers and wood.  

restaurant story9

Furniture Fusion knew right away how to upgrade the restaurants furnishings. The chairs were refurbished, restained and reupholstered in a beautiful leather and matched with bespoke wooden table bases in three sizes. To keep the intimate atmosphere, we delivered Hush table tops – the upholstery on the tops absorbs any sounds from plates, glasses and cutlery.

restaurant story4

From the moment you see the Scandi lodge style building set in the industrial looking south London, through the dining experience itself and the beautiful interior, the Restaurant Story indeed tells a story and Furniture Fusion is proud to be a part of the narrative.

furniture fusion restaurant story web 1

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