Innovative new designs from Modern Garden Co.

Modern Garden Company represent a range of high-quality, innovative manufacturers of exterior furniture. They work with responsibly sourced materials of the best quality, with ethical production and recycling, and high-performing textiles and timbers that are resistant to extreme environments, enabling them to specify for all requirements. Here’s an insight to who is leading the way in the outdoor environment…


Extremis/Founded in 1994 by Flemish furniture designer Dirk Wynants, innovation, superior quality materials, functionality and environmental sustainability are firmly at the heart of this renowned exterior collection. Winners of over 50 awards/honours, Extremis embodies innovation with a twist, a welcome relief in an all too serious world. ‘Gargantua’, the first product out of the Extremis stable, most clearly represents the company ethos, ‘tools for togetherness’. A robust table, Gargantua offers benches that can be adjusted for even the smallest member of the family to join in, as well as allowing wheelchairs to join the table with ease. Since Gargantua, Dirk and his company have gone from strength to strength. Check out ‘Marina’ – a ‘picnic’ table that is produced in lengths with a seating capacity of between 4 and 72.

Galvanised steel table & bench by The Modern Garden Company700

Reichenberg + Weiss/ In 1992 two young furniture makers Jochem Reichenberg and Volker Weiss produced a garden bench and table set for Volker’s parents in Westphalia northern Germany. This stunningly simple and robust furniture was the beginning of the R+W Collection for outdoors which now graces offices, universities, factories and public spaces across Europe. Using a robust palate of galvanised steel, European larch, German limestone and Italian basalt, the collection combines materials to create tables and benches of powerful architectural form.
In 2007, recognised by BMW as producers of exceptional quality furniture, Reichenberg and Weiss were asked to create a range in keeping with the design of BMWs new Central Building in Leipzig, designed by Zaha Hadid. The result was the A16 all galvanised collection.

Natal Alu Sofa set 1a white_04700

Tribu/Celebrating 50 years of furniture production, Tribu is a family run, Belgian manufacturer and arguably leaders in producing the very best furniture for outdoors today, remaining resolutely faithful to their stated DNA of simplicity, innovation and quality. Offering furniture that’s sustainable, functional, comfortable and clever, Tribu guarantee top-of-the-range quality at all times, with the timeless elegance and simplicity of their first ever outdoor sofa, Pure, remaining as a key part of the Tribu Collection.



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