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Well known among London locals, Harry Morgan’s restaurant of St Johns Wood is one of Inside Out’s latest projects; bringing New York City’s famous deli-style dining scene to London.

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Opened in 1948, this long established eatery houses all the trademark menu items you’d expect when dining out in the Big Apple such as all day breakfast options, bagels, salted beef and a NY cheesecake. Undergoing its first major renovation since its inception, the new Harry Morgan’s restaurant fuses the time-honoured styles of NY diners with a contemporary laid-back design.

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The team at Inside Out worked closely with Cosmur Construction and David Gilston Design, offering bespoke furniture and classic pieces to meet the brief, as well as space planning services to ensure the restaurant maximised its space

The modern and minimalist Lund side chair used throughout the main dining area introduces a contemporary appeal to offset the retro-diner style. Finished in a black lacquered beech frame and matching upholstery to the booths, the Lund side chairs distinguish Harry Morgan’s from its casual dining counterparts, with a fusion of modernity and timelessness.
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Tables finished in a rosewood laminate and contrast ribbed aluminium edging garnered the design brief for a retro but contemporary feel, whilst bespoke booths and seating in red faux leather carried the new style of the Harry Morgan’s brand.


The final result sees Harry Morgan’s emerge from the busy high street of St Johns Wood with a new look and feel that plays true homage to the NY scene which has inspired its menu.

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