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20 Fenchurch Street, renowned for its unique design which resembles a ‘Walkie Talkie’ is one of the most recognisable buildings in the London skyline. Boasting 37 storeys of clear glass and fantastic views over the city, it’s no surprise that the recent opening of the top floor as a restaurant and café has drawn in tourists and locals from all over the capital.

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The Sky Garden, located on all of the top three floors of the building, features the best views in the house.  Having opened this January, the exquisitely landscaped public garden includes a bar, a cocktail terrace, and an open air terrace. Combining outdoor experiences with an indoor design, the architecture and furniture are innovative by nature, surrounded by gaping glass windows and neutral tones, the canopies and greenery feel second nature within the rooftop gardens.

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o1creative chose to work with Inside Out Contracts to provide seating for the venue. Choosing our Bubble Club Sofa which has been designed by Philippe Starck, they combined the outdoor feel of the indoor venue with our hardy yet welcoming design of sofa. The smooth finish of the polyethylene material was finished in a light grey, blending seamlessly into the minimalist design of the gardens, and complementing rather than competing with the panoramic views.

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Lisa Cluer

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