Lively interiors inspired by the ingenuity and creativity of a wanderlust world traveler, comfortably at home everywhere!

Kobe’s journey in its endeavor to create interiors that reflect the latest trends in our society has brought NOMAD – a compilation of a truly nomadic exploration of a world traveler with treasures from all over the world. Nomad reflects the experiences and inspirations from far-flung destinations, capturing the essence of each in small details, exotically rich colour palettes, exquisite textures and traditional crafts and an emotion of wanderlust.


Nomad is a compilation of colours, textures and materials in different techniques that brings a worldly interior for the true citizens
of the world. The deft juxtaposition of eye catching ethnical and warm rustic materials that are relics of a faraway land and time creates a dynamic character in decoration. It is a feeling of having the world in your home, and a home everywhere!


The atmosphere that this collection brings is warm and relaxing, while still bringing an exotically luxurious comfort that only a wanderer can feel when he comes home with the collection of his precious memories from all he has seen.


The eclectic mix and match of trend colours with sturdy materials like velvet, leather, suede and wool as well as refined materials in silk and linen look in different folkloric patterns, ikat motifs, embroidery, prints and weaves gives Nomad its strong, and yet nonchalant character.






All Images KOBE 2014


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