Molly Hatch – Physic Garden

Who knew plates could inspire…

Physic_Garden_night-copy-930x1416 This is a piece of artwork we recently stumbled upon and thought we defiantly have to share this, art within the workplace is becoming hot topic at the moment, offices and other workplaces are changing and artwork is becoming more and more common, more than just to brighten up the place – art can inspire. IMG_11843-930x620 The High Museum of Art (Atlanta, USA)  has commissioned contemporary ceramicist Molly Hatch to present Physic Garden, a two-story tall, hand-painted “plate painting” that is now installed in the Museum’s Margaretta Taylor Lobby. The “plate painting” is comprised of 456 dinner plates featuring an original design inspired by two ca. 1755 Chelsea Factory plates from the High’s Frances and Emory Cocke Collection of English Ceramics.  IMG_1156-930x620 The complete installation measures just over 20 feet high by 17 feet wide and is the largest ever produced by Hatch, who has created other works based on source material from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

This piece is not set in an office but does show how a product can become art and can inspire. If you have any pieces of artwork that you would love to see in your office comment below and we shall feature them in a post soon. 

  All Images © Molly Hatch 2014


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