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Foss – City meets Nature

Raindrops run down the window as a never-ending story. Each drop follows its own path that is quickly washed away by a new drop. Simple yet intriguing Foss represents the magic of city meets force of nature, when concrete and glass meet water and wind.

Foss has a colour palette that reminds of the transformation from dry to wet. Concrete, sand and asphalt all change when a rain shower or a wave touch them. The sun and the wind bring them back to their original colour and in between these two extremes lie a countless amount of tones and shades.


Produced from used fishing nets and water bottles

Foss truly reflects city meets nature as the collection is produced from ECONYL® yarn regenerated from used fishing nets that are reborn as a strong and hardwearing textile flooring.


The backing of the Foss tiles is produced from used water bottles that are recycled into our patented and long lasting Ecotrust felt backing. The backing is Cradle to CradleTM certified as well.

Beautiful shades from the natural colour palette

The collection comes in 20 beautiful colours to match the modern interior design. Besides from the classical Scandinavian look and feel Foss offers a high acoustic performance that makes the collection perfectly suitable for any home, office, hotel or institution.


Explore space – mix and match with other ege collections

We are proud to lead the way by challenging the interior setting of the rooms that frame our lives. By experimenting with our fundamental perception of space, we make well-known elements seem new and compelling. Our tagline “The Urge to Explore Space” is a tribute to the basic human instinct that drives us all to explore the unknown.


That is why we love to mix and match our collections. Play with colours and materials to create that trendy tactile feeling. No matter if you match tone in tone nuances or contrasting shades you get a truly unique mash up of colours that changes your perception of the room.

Alternatively, combine Foss with a soft and shaggy textile flooring to create the special look and feel that can be fully explored with the touch of your fingers. Let your imagination run wild.



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