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Newhey Carpets, a leading British manufacturer and specialist designer of innovative, high performance and sustainable commercial carpets is launching a brand new concept aimed at combining extensive design and colour capabilities with express manufacturing lead times. This striking collection is designed and manufactured in the UK and offers a wealth of opportunities making it perfect for a wide range of hospitality and leisure applications.


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Colortec+ Express provides an industry leading range of 290 rich and sophisticated colours for use by Architects, Designers and Contractors alike. This comprehensive range is manufactured using groundbreaking, high speed patterned tufting technology, capable of producing multi-coloured carpets in practically any design imaginable.

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Exclusive yarns are produced from the highest quality 80/20 wool nylon blends which ensure outstanding product durability. These beautiful fibres of premium quality are also compliant with all necessary performance and fire code standards, making this range the perfect choice for a host of commercial spaces. The collection allows clients to select from over 50 ready to go designs and recolour using any combination from 290 standard colours offering a huge array of possibilities, all available with express four week delivery when required.

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Howard Whitehead, Managing Director of Newhey Carpets commented: “Colortec+ Express is a highly functional collection, that allows us to provide diverse and wide ranging designs for use with more modest budgets right through to high-end projects. Because Newhey do not hold yarn in stock, the offer is not limited to only 30 or 40 colour options with limited flexibility like other competitor semi bespoke offers. With Colortec+ Express a designer can use any combination from the 290 standard colours to complement a new or existing colour scheme.”

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Manufactured using totally sustainable and recycled materials and combined with Newhey’s eco-friendly hot melt energy efficient coating system. Colortec+ Express is also a smart choice for those specifiers who consider the environment when selecting their products.

Manufactured at a standard width of four metres, and available in quantities from as little as 100 square metres, Express can be specified in three standard product specifications suitable for use in hotel guestrooms right through to high traffic public spaces.

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Key for designers, an online design studio tool has been created specifically for Colortec+ Express allowing you to view designs in different room settings and then recolour to your hearts content, selecting from Newhey’s spectrum of over 290 colours. This is available at:


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