ONE: Matt Hayes

We continue to enjoy learning more about UK based designers in our ONE series, today we meet Matt Hayes, Design Studio & Product Manager at Muraspec Wallcoverings.

In his role as Design Studio & Product Manager at Muraspec Wallcoverings, Matt manages the creation and production of commercial and residential wall coverings for worldwide markets including hospitality, office, healthcare, marine, retail and residential. Muraspec Wallcoverings is an international leader in the wallcoverings industry with a heritage dating back to the 1850s.


ONE Book: Lord of the Rings


I first read this book when I was at University and was totally engulfed by its creativity and capability to transport you to another world with such interesting characters and magical settings and events. It was and still is the passion of the creativity that makes this my favourite book.

ONE Love: Family


Family is the most important part of my life because it’s the emotion and love for my wife and children that keeps me strong and together. It makes me the best person I can be so that I can hopefully inspire my children and always be there for them.

ONE Artist: Kurt Jackson


Kurt Jackson is a British painter whose large canvases reflect the concerns with natural history, ecology and environmental issues. I have always followed and loved his works as they captivate me with the textures and colours he uses and the freedom of expression.


We certainly feel that we know Matt a little better now. Tell us what your ONE building, box set or design icon is, we would love to know!

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