Open Office: Covid-19 Workplace, Impact on the under 30’s

The second part of Nathan Hurley & the Orangebox Research Team’s Smartworking® PostJanuary 2020 insight focuses on the younger workforce as we look at the implications from the viewpoint of the under 30’s, both mid and longer term.

How will the iGen and Millennial generations deal with and respond to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Millennials were left scarred by the ‘once in a generation’ recession of 08/09, so how are they and iGens going to react to experiencing two consecutive ‘once in a lifetime’ recessions? And what impact will this have on their health and prosperity? 

“To weather two economic crises – one near the beginning of your career and another midway through it – is a major blow,” Taylor Jo Isenberg, Executive Director of the Economic Security Project, told Bloomberg.

This insight is an add-on to Gerard Taylor’s Smartworking® Post-January 2020 article, and aims to explore how our younger generations will cope with this ‘one-two!’ economic punch, and also look at what it’s going to mean for their future relationship with their employers and workplaces. In our first post in this series, we reflected that the very low infection and death rates among the young are going
to lead to them having considerably more freedom and flexibility than the older generations in our society in the short term, but what impact will these consecutive recessions have on them, on their health, and on their career paths in the longer term?

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