Product Watch: Loomah ‘Ravaged Beauty’

This year Loomah launched ‘Ravaged Beauty’.  This new collection was inspired by the ravaging impact that nature can have on our surroundings. Loomah designer Hayley Durrell has spent many an afternoon watching the tide rise and fall from the picturesque village of Instow, North Devon. This new collection really demonstrate the endless possibilities that can be offered in design and manufacture of bespoke carpets and rugs.




As the tide went out it revealed large expanses of sand and the boats moored on the river became marooned exposing the hulls and a rich array of patterns, colours and textures which we have interpreted into a collection of stunning abstract designs.



Each design captures a different form of deterioration created by constant exposure to one of nature’s most revered forces, the sea.  From layers of flaking paint and rust to the growth of barnacles, the beauty of our subject matter is it is always evolving, developing new patterns and taking on new forms.



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